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Physiotherapist have graduated in 2007 from Jordan University of science and Technology.
Master’s degree in Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy in 2022.
Yazan is registered as a licensed physical therapist with the Qatar Council of Health Practitioners
and he manages his own clinic in Qatar with focus on musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
Yazan started Dry Needling education since 2014 from Myopain Seminars and became a
certified manual trigger points therapist in 2016. He is possibly the first physical therapist to
elicit a local twitch response in a camel!
Yazan also is a Certified Kinesio Tape Instructor since 2017, Certified Mulligan Practitioner
since 2015, myofascial decompression certified since 2017 and an Ergon Technique IASTM
instructor since 2018.

            Yazan Alkhatib PT,CMTPT,CKTI,CMP,MFDc,ETI
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