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Course Description 

The program extends for 4 days (the first two days will be the foundation and then the advanced level) of theoretical and practical explanation of the dry needle technique and its clinical uses.

The history of dry needles will be reviewed, the definition of myofascial trigger points and their impact on the patient's quality of life, their role in the development of chronic pain, and how to treat each muscle by dry needles, through reviewing the muscles anatomy and actions. 

After that, a theoretical and practical exam will be on the fifth day. Upon passing the exam, the participants will title as Certified Dry Needling Practitioner (CDNP) from PHYSIOPOD.


Course Objective

  • Identify Myofascial Trigger points (MTPs) aetiology, examination and management options. 

  • Identify the types of MTP

  • Identify the end plate noise

  • Identify the local twitch respond (LTR)

  • identify the role of MTP in central and peripheral sensitisation 

  • Clear the role of MTP in decreasing the quality of life, sleep disturbance ,fatigue , anxiety and depression.

  • Discusses the role of MTP in developing chronic pain with various pathological conditions in different clinics and age groups including musculoskeletal, neurological, gynaecological, oncological and cardiological conditions Clear the adverse events of dry needling 

  • Identify the precaution and contraindication of DN 

  • Review the anatomy and the action for the skeletal muscles.

Demonstrate a proper needling technique for the skeletal muscles.  

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