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Myofascial Release with Fascia Mobilisation Tool

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Get this online training for free when you order your tool "Fascia Mobilisation Tool" Fascia helps stabilise and anchor muscles and other internal structures. When a muscle or its overlying tissue become irritate through injury, surgery or over-use, fascia may become irregular and overlapping collagen Fibers within the fascial layer. Fascial adhesions can affect mobility and range of motion. "Fascia Mobilisation Tool" detect and loose these fascial adhesions. Course overview: Intro to Myofascial release Stroke techniques Plantar Fasciitis release Calf muscle release Achilles tendon release Posterior tibial muscle release Hamstring muscle release Quadriceps femoris muscle release Iliotibial Band (ITB) Knee Low-Back Shoulder Hand Forearm Scar tissue Treatment plan 12 months access when you completed the training download your certificate


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