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Myofascial Release Techniques
using: Fascia Mobilisation Tool
           designed by: Abdulrhman Saleh
           MSK&FMT Specialist Podiatrist


  • Learning objective:

  • ​To understand the anatomy& the physiology of the fascia.

  • To understand the proposed mechanisms behind the Myofascial release techniques. 

  • To get a knowledge of the FMT indications and contraindications.

  • To learn FMT handling skills for different application styles.  

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Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  • in this video you will learn:

  • 1- what cause ITBS

  • 2- what are the 2 treatments you need to avoid

  • 3- key assessment

  • 4- differential diagnoses

  • 5- which muscles you need to strength

  • 6- impact tolerance test

  • 7- running gait analyse

  • 8-how to improve pain

  • 9- exercises to include in your rehab program

  • 10- 4 steps return to running process


running injury.jpg

History taking for running injury

  • What you will learn:

  • in this lecture you will learn how to take quality good medical history for running injury

  • History of injury is the key to understand the mechanics of the injury and it help to get the right diagnosis 

  •  Step by step we will go through the questions that you need to ask your patient and WHY?

  • Download the PDF file

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     The Art of Foot Orthoses

​Evidence Based Medicine

  • ​How do foot orthoses work?

  • Do they work?

  • Orthoses modification in the office.

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     Musculoskeletal Show

Watch now for free selected lectures from our previous online conference 2021


           Impactor Method
         Mix, Arabic+ English

             Private Members

practical course on the use of Impactor tool to treat Foot MSK conditions.

this course is suitable for Manual therapists , who have experience in Mobilisation and Manipulation techniques 

heel pain.jpg

    Plantar Heel Pain Syndrome

understanding the cause of heel pain.

Risk factors & pathology

Assessment & diagnosis 

Treatment options

photo PF.jpg

       Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


Step by Step Treatment plan and exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

met pad.jpg

The Art of Foot Padding

The use of Semi Compressed Felt Pad

at primary care to off load the foot, re-distribute pressure and relief pain