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Extremity Drop Board Techniques

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Drop Board Techniques for Lower limb Manipulation Extremity joint manipulation can be rigorous work for the manual therapist. Large athletes with chronically restricted peripheral joints are very difficult to manoeuvre manually, especially if the practitioner hands are small, therefore Extremity Drop Board have been used for the delivery of high velocity adjustive thrusts. Course contents: Introduction Assessment Criteria Extremity Drop Board Technique Antero-Medial Talus Adjustment Antero-Lateral Talus Adjustment Posterior Calcaneal Adjustment Lateral&Medial Calcaneal Adjustment Lateral&Posterior Navicular Adjustment Dorsal MTJ Adjustment Cuboid Adjustment Distal Fibula Head Adjustment 1st Metatarsal Adjustment Plantar Metatarsals Heads Adjustment Knee Adjustment- Internal Tibia Rotation Knee Adjustment- Posterior Tibia Adjustment Knee Adjustment- External Rotation of The Tibia Condyles on The Femoral Condyles Knee Adjustment- Internal Rotation of The Tibia Condyles on The Femoral Condyles Contraindications & Precautions Practical videos to learn the techniques CPD certificated 12 months access


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